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The 5 Things Other Than Plumping You Should Know About Lip Fillers 

Lip filler course Birmingham

Lip enhancement has been a very popular cosmetic procedure since 2015. It can enhance your pout and transform your whole look. Lip injections are still often thought of as a way to improve the size of your lips. However, this treatment can offer many other benefits than a plumper pout. You can target various issues using lip fillers with a skilled injector like those at Este Training Academy. We’ve listed the benefits of the lip fillers course Birmingham below so that you can come to your appointment with specific goals for your smile. 

Lip Fillers can be used to add structure and border 

Our lips can lose their border as we age, making them appear less defined. Your injector can give you a plump look by adding small amounts of lip filler to your lips. This will not necessarily increase your volume unless that is your goal. The Cupid’s bow, the middle portion of the top lip, is an area clients are particularly interested in defining. This subtle enhancement can make all the difference in how your lips look. 

Lip Fillers to help you look younger 

Lip injections can give you a more youthful look by smoothing the lines around your lips and edges. Lip enhancement can add volume and fullness to your lips, which will help you look younger. As we age, collagen in our faces, including the lips, naturally decreases. Fillers are a subtle but effective way to enhance your anti-ageing routine. 

Lip Fillers can increase symmetry 

Lip enhancement can be used to make your lips look more prominent. The injector will discuss the details with you and determine if you require filler on the top or bottom lips. If you are aiming for a specific goal, the injector may also recommend filler for one or both lips. You may only need this strategy to balance out the symmetry of your lips to achieve your perfect smile. 

Lip Fillers can balance your profile 

To create a balanced profile, lip enhancement can be combined with fillers around the cheeks, jawline, and chin. Profile balancing is a process that looks at your entire face and balances your nose, lips, chin, and cheeks. All parts should be proportionate. Your injector will evaluate your face and recommend where to inject the filler. This could be for the lips, which may be the most important or a small amount. 

Lip fillers may increase fullness and volume

Lastly, let’s talk about lip fillers’ ability to increase volume. Filler can reverse the loss of natural volume and definition in lips as we age. Your injector will meet with you to discuss your goals and determine the correct amount of filler for your needs. Lip injections can give you a fuller, more natural-looking pout. 

Book Your Lip Enhancement Course 

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