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Fat dissolving injection

How fat dissolving injections work

It can be frustrating to lose weight. Even if you exercise regularly and eat healthily, it is possible that stubborn fat deposits will not disappear.  Este Training Academy provides fat dissolving injections training. Our training courses are all CPD approved and give appropriate theory and practical injecting experience required to become a safe and competent injector. Successful delegates will receive an insurer-approved certificate from Este Training Academy in the UK, run by a team of passionate, award-winning professionals dedicated to giving you the professional training you deserve.  

What are Fat Dissolving Injections?  

Although it may seem that your body is just trying to gain weight, your digestive system is responsible for breaking down fat every day. Your body makes bile acids to process fats from the food you eat. To destroy fat cells in your body, injection lipolysis uses the same chemical, deoxycholic acids.  


Fat-dissolving injections use modified bile acids to dissolve fat pockets. Both the fat cells that have been broken down, and the chemical used can be processed by your lymphatic system. This is the main limitation of the treatment. Your body limits how much fat it can process at any one time. Injection lipolysis is usually done in multiple rounds, injectables like Kybella and Aqualyx do not carry the same risks as minor liposuction. Patients experience minimal downtime, and side effects are usually not severe.

How long do fat dissolving injections last?  

Some people can experience permanent effects from fat-melting injections such as Aqualyx, your body won’t build up any fat that has been lost if your weight is stable. However, if you notice a substantial weight gain following your injections, there is a possibility that your body stores new fat.  

Although fat dissolving injectables can be effective, they are not substitutes for a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Long-term weight loss requires commitment. Even though fat cells destroyed by injection lipolysis are not likely to return, unwanted fat deposits can return. It is important to stick to a diet rich in healthy fats, low carbs, and free from processed foods, regardless of what treatment you choose.   

Are fat dissolving injections safe?  

There is no medical procedure that is completely safe, including minor injections and major surgeries. People often use FDA approval to measure safety, fat-dissolving injections receive a mixed report card.  

Fat melting injections are generally safe and have very low side effects if administered correctly to suitable patients. However, fat dissolving injections may not be safe for everyone. If you are:  

  • Pregnant or nursing  
  • More susceptible to skin infections and have skin conditions  
  • You have any type of fat processing disorder  

It would help if you considered several things when deciding whether injectables might be the right choice for you. Some patients may not have the proper skin elasticity, or their weight fluctuates too much to achieve lasting results.

This fact can be affected by age; injections for older people are generally not recommended. The elasticity in the skin of older skin is reduced, so removing fat from the skin can make it appear wrinkly and hollow. You will learn about the suitable candidates for your future clients to ensure that your clients get the right treatment to help them feel confident in their skin. Book your course today and learn from the best to help you excel in your career.

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Legally Certified Training

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Pre-Course Study Included