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8 Things you’ll learn during your dermal filler course

8 things about dermal fillers

Did you know that volume loss can cause many visible signs of ageing? 

Fine lines appear around the mouth and nose as facial tissue begins to thin. The cheeks look hollow. Using dermal fillers to replace collagen can help smooth wrinkles and plump lips. 

In a Botox or filler training course, medical professionals will learn eight things about dermal fillers. 

8 Facts about Dermal Fillers 

1. Non-surgical procedures include dermal fillers. Fillers are non-surgical, meaning you can get the lips you’ve always wanted without having surgery. The downtime is also minimal. 

2. Each injector has their favourite filler; cosmetic injectors are like artists; every artist prefers a particular medium. However, every injector chooses their preferred facial filler. There are many injectable products, but hyaluronic is the most popular. 

3. The body naturally produces hyaluronic acid. It keeps our skin plump and hydrated. These gel-like, soft fillers last for six to twelve months. 

4. You can choose how much product you want. Fillers allow you to control how much product is used efficiently. Your nurse injector will talk with you about what is possible and what will best suit your face. One syringe will usually suffice to give you a natural, natural-looking look. 

5. Fillers can be reversed. Do not send an S.O.S. You should not send out an S.O.S. yet. Hyaluronidase is an antidotal enzyme that a doctor or nurse can inject to dissolve Dermal Fillers. 

6. It is possible to experience swelling. Some initial swelling may occur after treatment. However, this should begin to diminish by the next day. This will reveal plumper, fuller lips. 

7. Preparation is crucial. Avoid painkillers, Vitamin E and fish oil as these can cause bleeding. 

8. The pain is minimal. Many say dermal fillers feel like a pinprick or even nothing. We use a numbing cream that we can apply topically to minimise discomfort during injections. 

Dermal Filler Training at Este Training Academy 

Este Training Academy offers one of the best medical aesthetic courses in the nation! 

Medical aesthetics is a popular career choice for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. It offers additional income and no insurance hassles. 

To meet your learning goals, we offer a range of CME/CE training courses you can complete in as little as two weeks. Learn the most popular cosmetic injectable treatments such as Kybella, Botox and platelet-rich plasma. 

The second half of your course will take place in a medical spa environment, where you will receive hands-on training. You will be placed in small groups as you observe detailed injectable demonstrations. To gain real-world experience, you will have the chance to work with various clients. 

You will feel confident and comfortable performing injectable treatments in any medical setting by the end of the course!